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Satan Games - Scary Online Games from Hell!

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Scary Online Games - 

These scary games are best played late at night when the lights are turned off. Be prepared to be scared because you have entered the lair of Satan!!

A site dedicated to turn good gamers bad! A site so scary you wont be able to sleep at night, and if you do fall asleep prepare for the worst nightmares and evil fantasies. Some say that Satan has risin to the surface from the gates of hell and unleshed his demons into this site.

If you like gory games to play then you will love our gory game category, it's full of crazy killing and bloodshed. We even host a lot of really cool shooting games like the sift heads series.

Beware as these games may be huanted by the Supernatural and Ghosts. If you love horror movies then you will love playing these creepy games. I dare you to play the scary maze game its another one of the really scary games you can play and show your friends.

Due to high demands, we have added 2 new sections: Monster Games, Scary Games for Kids & Everything Scary Games. Feel free to let us know if you have any suggestions related to our Satan Games site or scary games.

Online Scary Games & Horror Games of the Month (2019-Feb) 

Zombies Ate My Phone
Lab of the Dead
Hollow Adventure
Diamond Penthouse Escape 2
The Pocalypse Defense
Zombie Invaders 2
Zomgies 2 - The Zombie Shooting Game
New Torture Game
Monster Castle Defense Strategy Game

Play the games alone if you dare! All the games are FREE to play.

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