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Game - Rebuild Zombie Strategy Game


Rebuild Zombie Strategy Game

Description: This is a turn based strategy game (TBS) and you need to defense against zombies attacks. The city is not recognizable any more: the streets are full of roaming zombies who are catching live people and attacking their refuge. You need to search for survivors in this apocalyptic. Create a detachment of soldiers, scavengers, builders, scientists and combine their efforts for city rebuilding and defense. You will in love with this game: zombies, strategy, technology learning, classes, and Oregon Trail random events!

Too hard to play? You may check tips & walkthrough below or consider play rebuild zombie cheat version.

Played: 66,964 times

Prefer to play Rebuild Zombie Strategy Game in larger screen? Go here.

Rebuild Zombie Strategy Game Tips / Hints

Tips for nightmare difficulty
  • If you leave plain survivors on guard duty, they will eventually become soldiers.
  • Your happiness and food are bound to reach zero no matter what you do, so they should be deprioritized your first few turns. (Avoid starvation for the most part, but don't avoid recruiting just because it will give you a negative foodincome.)
  • When you reclaim an area that has food, you will automatically scavenge some of that food (I do not think you will scavenge all of it, but enough that it might keep you from starving.)
  • As morale will be at the base bottom most of the game, getting bars and churches is a good idea.
  • Lastly, aim for reaching the edge of the map quickly, as this decreases your contact surface with zombies.
[Source] Posted by pacifist via jayisgames

Rebuild Zombie Strategy Game Walkthrough / Guide

Read Rebuild Zombie game walkthrough here.

How to get extremely high score
  • Send as many soldiers necessary to kill every zombie in a building in 2 days only if you need that certain building ASAP.
  • One hospital is enough to take care of any illness.
  • Try to have your base happiness over 100.
  • Keep your initial leader alive.
  • Have at least 1 laboratory & 5 scientists at all time.
  • Research almost everything ASAP.
  • Play the game on a difficulty higher than easy.
  • Other important tips about timing:-
    Do NOT cure zombieism early in the game. Do NOT expand too quickly. Do NOT settle down until you have 1. A SECURE hospital. 2. A defense that can take on 1500 zombies with 0% chance of the zombies breaking in. 3. A SECURE laboratory. 4. A good food income. 5. A good amount of zombies outside the fence (so you can keep on killing them). Do NOT settle down if you cured zombieism. Do NOT end your game unless you have completed all 4 "endings"
[Source] Posted by LazaManta via jayisgames

Other walkthrough by Sarah via twotowersgames

Rebuild Zombie Strategy Game Credit

Rebuild Zombie Strategy Game Author: Sarah Northway
Thanks Sarah Northway. Without effort of Sarah Northway, we will don't have such a great game to play.

Please like the game or leave your comment if you enjoy playing Rebuild Zombie Strategy Game. More similar games will be posted if the game gain a lot of likes.

Tags: Rebuild, Zombie Strategy Games, Zombies, tbs, turn based strategy, Rebuild Zombie, Apocalypse, Humanity, defense, Sarah Northway

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